Beauty and Laziness

Provocations from an Aestethic Surgeon

"Everyone may instinctively recognize beauty, but its re-producible definition continues to escape the majority of us, often those very same persons who are supposed to “reconstruct” it on their patients. everyone has his or her own opinion and, often, a recipe for the “miracle”: an immediate, effortless result, without any intervention and, why not?, perhaps even free of charge! we have reached the paradoxical situation in which a whole series of aesthetic whims are now so prevalent that they have themselves become the parameter for a “new beauty”: a guinea pig face, mutilated noses, gigantic mouths, disproportionate breasts and anorexic bodies.

If we agree that certain lips and certain “disproportions” are not beautiful, why do we continue to imitate those very features which we continue to scorn?

The uncomfortable truth has two faces. on the one hand, it is true that there is a species of “professionals” which, without any standardization of competences, includes disparate elements ranging from real talents to the frustrated recycled clinician who, after a few courses and a “look around” abroad, invents himself as the miracle-bringing syringe expert promising the inexperienced (but lazy!) patient easy remedies to complex problems.

On the other hand, however, there are people who demand civilized societies without civilized behavior, excellence without costs, eternal health without changing their bad habits, a perfect skin while smoking and cooking in uv rays all their lives. As long as people spend more time shopping for a little purse than for the choice of a doctor, there will be more and more problems.

Beauty is harmony and balance of forms. Beauty in a person is also harmony between soul and body, skin and personality. it is not a question of eyelids or bras, it is a question of appearance and proportions, in an only apparently mysterious blend which changes the ingredients for every single individual. We are all unique. Let’s now debunk the first of the commonplaces about my work.

My patients are not psychotics with identity problems. They are persons, 25% of whom are men, who like their appearance and do not arrive with photos of film stars, but on the contrary are very emphatic about protecting their uniqueness and naturalness. If the aesthetic result is harmonious, it is not only beautiful but also invisible. But it is an invisibility which often demands a great deal of work and skill focused on that particular individuality. Even if it is just a question of a couple of wrinkles.

Top level aesthetic health is a product which demands research, quality, structures and a great deal of experience. All factors which make it expensive . As such, and not being necessary for human survival, it is not for everyone. If we look for it in department stores, we risk only finding shoddy imitations. If you see it on sale with 90% discounts, you should be suspicious, don’t join the line.

In the U.S.A. we have a saying “if it looks too beautiful to be true, it usually is”. This is why my work is so interesting, because it changes with every individual. And you can’t have “off” days, you always have to aim for the top."